This development features an Urban Courtyard Experience like no other with its lush greenways, cobblestone pavements and charming open spaces that flow into each other, just within the reach of business centers of Ortigas, Quezon City, and Bonifacio Global City.



For over 40 years, leader of the Philippines trading company, and Mitsubishi Corporation and Ayala Land has built a good relationship by Mitsubishi Corporation to invest with Ayala Land Corporation. This time, the Mitsubishi Corporation has embarked on real estate sales business in the Philippines to create a joint venture with Alveo Land, the subsidiary company of Ayala Land.


Location is “Ortigas” that is away from the center of the city. The reason is because it is a comprehensive project that this project will make the city itself. It is a thing of the solid properties real demand for that can be the first time in the Philippines in the know-how of Mitsubishi Corporation. And operation of future asset value is safe as long as the project is completed all in the property site of Mitsubishi companies on behalf of Japan is dealt with.


Portico Masterplan

That retail area a collection of retail shops and restaurants condominium that will be developed at the same time is that thing necessity in life that is completed on the premises of Portico. This is the Mitsubishi Corporation and Ayala Land indeed allows a project to build up to one new town exactly.





Retail Area


Sandstone Building Details



Property is closer RETAIL AREA most in Sandstone (first Tower). I can say convenience is the highest in this project. You can see that it is the appearance that has ever seen in Japan if you look at the image appearance of the property.

There are only five rooms on one floor 1-Bedroom, five rooms for 2-Bedroom and one for 3-Bedroom. Portico also offer Investment Unit called Twin Flat. It is a 3-Bedroom designed to have one 2-BR and Studio inside the room for investment. You can often see that unit in Japan and Portico offers that unit first in Philippines.

Typical Floor Plan


1-Bedroom Unit

2-Bedroom Unit

3-Bedroom Unit

Twin Flats

Unit Finishes

Building Features

White Blank


By reserving a unit this month, you are able to avail the Special Payment Table offered:

Special Payment Options


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